If power goes out again today, can you operate your business? Light your office? Operate your cash register? Run your computer, fax machine or printer? You don’t have to scratch your head! Here is the solution: Backup system from Rex Investment Ltd.Solar back-up systems allow a comfortable management nt of power resources especially when there is incident of irregular power supply.

The design of the back-up system depends on power requirements of each individual user. The core components comprise:
[bullet icon=”fa-check” color=”green”]A battery bank[/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-check” color=”green”] An inverter-charger[/bullet]

The national grid power charges the battery bank through the inverter-charger. When power goes off, within 6 milliseconds, the inverter-charger and the batteries automatically take-over the supply of power to your appliances. You will not feel or notice the switch to the back-up system.

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