Why choose Rex?

Our company is the leading solar energy company in Tanzania with over 15Years of Excellence. It is the customer centric and values the customer relationship above all else. Our products are top notch and packages offer the Best value for money by providing durability of products.


What are the brands for our products?

Panels – Suntech, Yingli, Canadian solar and Solar World
Batteries – Ritar and Rex Energy
Inverter/charger – Victron, Studer and Outback
Regulator/charger controller – Epsolar and Steca digital


How much time does it take for delivery of products?

A week mostly, but can be up to two weeks for the big/large requirement/systems.


Do we have after sales service?

Yes we do, and under the contract after end of system warrant.


How are the products delivered to the customers? 

Handled to the customers at the branch office, and through Lorries under customer follow up and cost for upcountry.


What are the acceptable payment modes?

Cash and checque at the head office, banking with provision of the bank slip, and through Mpesa office mobile account.


Do we install systems upcountry?

Yes we do but on payable terms.


Do we provide warrant/ guarantee?

Yes. A year (1yr) warrant for the bought solar package with installation payments, and guarantee is on life span of the products pending on manufacturers.


Are there any upcountry branches?

Yes we have six branches.

Eastern zone
Southern Highland zone
Central zone
Lake zone
Northern zone
Western zone



What products do we sell?

Solar panels,
Solar batteries,
Regulators/charger controllers,
Portable solar equipment (DC lights, lanterns,)
Plug and play solar home systems,
3G+Solar Home System (SHS),
Solar Mini Grid
Solar street lamps;
Garden lights;
Security lights,
Solar vaccine fridge,
Solar water heaters on order/request.



What are our services?

We provide Education/knowledge on solar, Install, and offer technical assistance/help


Who are our customers? Do we sell to individuals or only to institutions (project or retail?)

We serve all types and ranges of customers all over the world.


What is our cheapest system? How much?

All of our products are affordable and the range of prices depends on customer’s requirement in relation to his/her load to power


Is there credit-based products?

Yes, there is and are ranging in three phrases depending on the capacity of power they can provide. We call them 3G’SHS i.e. Third Generation Solar Home System, payable by installment.


Do we do installations?

Of course we do. We provide technicians to the customers under payment regarding the system to be installed.


How long does installation take?

Mostly a day or two depending on the time it started and the kind of a system to be installed.

Where are our products from?

For Solar panels, solar batteries, & regulators, plug & play SHS are from China Manufacturers but Inverter are from Netherland Manufacturer, 3G’SHS from Bangladesh.
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