Rex Investment Ltd is the sole retailer of solar fridges in Tanzania.
NAPS Solar vaccine fridge is an innovative energy saving DC fridge, suitable for any health center or dispensary located in rural areas. It has a gross internal volume of 58L.
NAPS vaccine refrigeration system has passed all the required WHO tests and is one of the leading products of this type in the world. The vaccine storage system is delivered complete, comprising of solar modules, battery box with integral charge controller and vented battery.
[bullet icon=”fa-check” color=”green”]High reliability and long lifespan[/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-check” color=”green”]Particularly suited for use in off-grid areas[/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-check” color=”green”]Important cost savings compared to an off-grid diesel generator[/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-check” color=”green”]Easy-to-install package[/bullet]

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